Program Outcomes

Graduates of the UTTC Elementary Education AS degree program will:

  1. Identify aspects of a supportive and safe learning environment.
  2. Recognize diversity in learning and developmental processes.
  3. Apply central concepts to connect with and advance student learning.
  4. Analyze instructional strategies that support learner goals.
  5. Display dispositions necessary for being successful in for an education setting.

Graduates of the UTTC Elementary Education BS degree program will:

  1. Implement appropriate strategies for learner development.
  2. Recognize learning differences and diversity.
  3. Create supportive and safe learning environments.
  4. Demonstrate understanding of content knowledge.
  5. Utilize differing perspectives for application of content.
  6. Monitor learner progress by using multiple methods of assessment.
  7. Plan for instruction that supports every learner.
  8. Apply instructional strategies to encourage learner development.
  9. Demonstrate ongoing professional learning and ethical practice.
  10. Facilitate opportunities for leadership and collaboration.