Unit Preconditions

Precondition #1:

The institution recognizes a professional education unit that has responsibility and authority for the preparation of teachers and other school professionals and identifies a unit head such as a dean, director, or chair.

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Precondition #2:

Written policies and procedures guide the operations of the unit and include published criteria for admission to and exit from all initial teacher preparation and advanced programs.

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Precondition #3:

If the institution is located in a non-partner state or in a partner state that requires the submission of program reports for national review through NCATE, the unit has committed to submitting program reports for each program for which NCATE has approved program standards at least one year prior to the visit.

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Precondition #4:

The unit has a well-developed conceptual framework that establishes the shared vision for a unit’s efforts in preparing educators to work in P-12 schools and provides direction for programs, courses, teaching, candidate performance, scholarship, service, and unit accountability.

Precondition #5:

The unit’s programs are approved by the appropriate state agency or agencies, and, in states with educator licensing examinations and required pass rates, the unit’s summary pass rate meets or exceeds the required state pass rate.

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Precondition #6:

Institutions eligible for institutional or regional accreditation are accredited without probation or an equivalent status by the appropriate institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Institutions not eligible for accreditation have a clean audit, appropriate business plan, and effective organizational practices similar to an accredited institution.

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