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Smithsonian Institute 2014 Summer Workshops

Project CEDAR students and Sweet Grass Alumni had the opportunity to participate in two Summer Workshops by The Smithsonian Institute: "Using Arts in the Classroom" and "Planetary Geology". The workshops were held at the Jack Barden Center on the UTTC campus.

"Using Arts in the Classroom" Summer Workshop: Karen O. Brown, Visual Artist and Arts Educator, leads a session on large format abstract painting, demonstrating different techniques of layering abstract designs. From left to right: Shyanne Schmalz, Monique Gladue, Memoree Skinner, Justyn Lawrence, Alicia Cuny, Antonia Valdez, Shanaye Packineau, Theresa Tracke, Nevada Allen, Karen O. Brown 06/24/14
Project CEDAR student, Theresa Tracke and Sweet Grass Alumni, Nevada Allen practice different techniques of layering abstract designs in the "Using Arts in the Classroom" Summer workshop. 06/24/14
CEDAR students tell their own stories in Day 3 of the "Using Arts in the Classroom" Summer Workshop. From left to right: Jade Thomas (Turtle Mountain), Lacey Mcthias (Ponca Tribe), Monique Gladue (Turtle Mountain), Marlene Cook (Cheyenne River) 06/25/14
During the "Planetary Geology" Summer Workshop, students participated in the Moon Crater Activity where they simulated how craters are formed on the moon using flour and cocoa powder in tinfoil pans. Shanaye Packineau (Three Affiliated), a Project CEDAR participant, drops a ball into the flour and cocoa powder mixture to simulate how craters are formed on the moon. 07/31/2014
Project CEDAR Candidate, Theresa Tracke (Northern Cheyenne/Oglala), gets ready to test the effect of dropping a larger sized ball into the pan, which simulates the surface of the moon. In the background, Marlene Cook (Cheyenne River) writes down her group's observations during the Moon Crater Activity. 07/31/14
Dr. Tim McCoy and Project CEDAR student, Josh Standing Elk. During the "Planetary Geology" summer workshop, Dr. McCoy shared his experience working on the Mars Rover project and students built their own autonomous robotic systems with Legos. 08/01/14
Monique Gladue (Turtle Mountain) and Valene Pretends Eagle (Standing Rock) build Lego robots. 08/01/14
Sweet Grass Alumni, Shyanne Schmalz (Standing Rock), Tyson Maxon (Cheyenne River) & Billi Jo Gravseth (Standing Rock) building robots with Legos at the "Planetary Geology" Summer Workshop. 08/01/14
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